More About Caris...

Dark Money-Jane Mayer

Play with Fire-Lawrence O'Donnell

I'm Judging You-Luvvie Ajayi

The Art of People-Dave Kerpen.

Girl Code-Cara Alwill Leyba

My Favorite Activities & Interests:

  • Nats baseball games, home or away, I'm a huge fan!

  • Any live sporting event.  

  • Visit to distilleries, I am fascinated by the distilling process, and I enjoy fine bourbons, too! There are plenty in the DC Metro area. 

  • Food and wine festivals and events. I fancy James Beard Foundation events and fine spirit launch events, too.

  • Live events at Wolf Trap, Kennedy Center, or Anthem.  I have a varied taste in music.

  • Gallery events at Artechouse and Renwick Galleries and the like.

  • Attending Cherry Blossom festivities.

  • Museum visits.

  • Embassy events.

What I'm Reading

Sade-Love Deluxe (album)
Slum Village-Fall in Love
The Isley Brothers-Between the Sheets
Marvin Gaye-I Want You (album)
Art of Noise-Moments in Love
Mary J. Blige- My Life (album)
The Isley Brothers-Don't Say Goodnight
Maxwell-Embrya (album)
J. Rawls-Presents the Liquid Crystal Project (album)
George Michael-Careless Whisper
J. Dilla-Motor City (album)

Tunes on My Playlist

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