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Caris's Other Musings

Extended Meetings & Travel to You

Desire a longer meeting with me? 

Day Long Soiree-$1500 (8 hours) 

Overnight Engagement-$1800 (12 hours)

Live Events/Game Day-$850 (4 hours)

The DC Metropolitan area has a lively arts and music scene.  I am an enthusiast of the arts and love a variety of musical genres.  I would love to be your plus one to the many live events in the area. 

I'm huge sports fan, too. It would be my pleasure to be by your side cheering on your favorite team at a live sporting event in the DC area or your favorite city (Travel to You).  

Travel to You- $ varies (minimum 4 hours)

Client is financially responsible for all travel (air/train fare; transportation service; parking fees; and/or fuel) and hotel accommodations.  Must be booked and secured at least 5 days in advance.

Virtual Companionship

Virtual companionship is great way to connect with me on a even more personal level, especially if you are far away from me.  You will get to see my exquisitely, beautiful face. You will be able to text and email me, much like with a girlfriend.  I will send you private pictures and you will a special morning and evening greeting from me via text or email.  Allow me to be your virtual companion for 4 consecutive weeks, you will receive $50 off any future in person meeting with me over 2 hours!

Of course, you will be screened for virtual companionship. Same etiquette rules apply. 

Please inquire via email. Only $100 weekly! 

Panties for Sale

If you want to feel extra close to me when I'm not there with you? Do you want to a relive or imagine a special encounter with me based on my unique scent?  You may purchase my personally scented panties.  Of course, if there is specific pair you want be to bless, you may either gift me a pair or few.  Please inquire directly via email for price list and details.

Pictures for Sale

Want some visual stimulation? I do have pictures available for purchase. Please inquire directly via email for prices.