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2024, let's do this!

We've finally made it to 2024! Pat yourself on the back! From talking to others, 2023 was a bit of a challenge for most folks. For me, it was alright, it could have been better. It was earmarked by the loss of my estranged father. I'm still processing his death and my feelings about it, but I'm not going into it today. I'll save that for when I write my tell-all memoir.

This year, I want to get back to doing more duos and extended dates. I love being a part of a client's fantasy of having two lovely providers fulfill his wildest desires. The duos that I have done in the past have been so much fun. Ideally, I work with those that I already know and have a good vibe with. However, if you desire me to team up with your favorite provider, whom I've never worked with, I would prefer to meet them first before our scheduled date to check their vibe so we're both comfortable with each other. If the vibes are great between us, that will make your date with us the most ultimate, thrilling experience! Chemistry is key!

As for extended dates, they are the best for the total Caris Quinn Experience. Extended dates are at least 4 hours or more. Ideally, 4 to 6 hours are perfect for a dinner, lunch, or brunch date, which still allows for a good amount of private fun time. For those dates at least 6 hours or more, a non-private time activity is required. That could be just about anything. My favorite dates are visiting museums; attending a concert, movie, or a play; going to a sporting event; or even a wine or brewery visit. If you need ideas on what activity we could do, please feel free to ask and I would love to help you plan a spectacular date with me. Since it's the cold season or if you prefer not to be out to be more discreet, snuggling up to watch a movie or a game on TV is fun, too. Another plus is that the halftime of the game and slow parts of the movie can be quite amazing if we are left to our own devices. I must say if we go that route, I have got to have popcorn and a good drink, my favorite things to snack on while doing Netflix or Gameday and Chill.

Personally, I would love to learn to play a new musical instrument or refresh my piano playing skills. I used to take piano lessons when I was a teen. I did ok at it, but I didn't care for it at the time, because it meant I had to keep my nails short. At the time, long french manicures or dark, vampy nails were in. Now, I can deal with keeping shorter nails. Instruments I would love to learn to play are the guitar and drums. I have taken an interest in the production and composing of songs, especially classic R&B and rock. On other social media, I follow music history accounts and the accounts of famous musicians and producers who were instrumental in creating the most memorable hits of our lifetime. It's interesting to see how a song comes together and all of the instruments play an important part of how we perceive and hear songs. For example, what would "Good Times" by Chic sound like without its iconic bass line? It would sound kind of weird and we probably wouldn't have the global expansion of hip-hop. Anyway, I'll maybe write another blog post about me being a music nerd. Right now, I'm on the search to find an instructor or classes that I feel comfortable taking. Of course, if you would like to contribute to the cause, you may gift me or consistently book me this year.

This year I want to travel more, both personally and as an escort. Last year, my big trip was to Miami. It was beautiful there and even better, that it was a great escape from the cold of a February Mid-Atlantic winter. I already have a trip planned for New Orleans with friends in the spring. I would love to visit the west coast again. I've done California, maybe Seattle this year? I haven't been to Chicago since I was in middle school, I would love to get back there and see the city as a tourist. Of course, I would have to visit a beach or coastal destination, maybe Newport, Rhode Island, in the summer or Savannah in the fall? I'm itching to have a few getaways this year. I love to make that happen with you! You are always welcome to invite me to your city as a Fly Me To You or a sponsored tour. Also, when I do decide to tour your city, which is a rarity, make sure to book me!

I'm ready to make 2024 the best year ever, hopefully you will be a part of this adventure!

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