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The Hot Sports Take

A few weeks ago, I asked my social media followers what my next post should be. The common response was my take on sports, especially DC sports. Right now is the perfect time, because it's October. Why October? October is when a majority of major sports are NOT in their respective off seasons. So there's MLB and WNBA post seasons; college football, NFL and MLS mid season; NHL, NBA, and college basketball starting their seasons. So basically everyone is playing, not even counting NASCAR and Formula 1 racing. I do have some interesting takes on local professional teams to the DC area, because I'm the Unofficial Sports Geek of the Nation's Capital.

A bit about me: If you don't already know, I'm a huge sports fan. Sports have been a part of my life since playing tee-ball at 4. I was influenced by my two older brothers that were heavily into sports either playing or watching sports. Also growing up in my neighborhood, I was basically the only girl on my block and the guys would play pick up games of football or basketball in the streets. I would watch them and when I got a bit older, even played with them. I competed in Little League baseball, and flag football. In middle and high school, I played volleyball, ran cross country and track. I absolutely love watching sports, too. One of my earliest memories of watching sports on TV was one of the only times being allowed to stay up to watch Monday Night Football as a very young child. The game, unfortunately, was the infamous Washington versus New York Giants game where Joe Theismann's career came to an end due to Lawrence Taylor. That should have scared me from watching live sports, but it didn't. If you don't know about that game, Google it, unless you are squeamish to injuries. Then you probably shouldn't.

This sports geek is not into sports to be cute or to attract guys. I genuinely enjoy sports. Of course, most of my favorite teams are DC local teams. Luckily I grew up in the 1980's and 1990's, where this area had a rich winning legacy in professional and college sports. The Commanders (I will not use their former racist name), Georgetown men's basketball, University of Maryland and University of Virginia women's basketball, the Capitals, even Orioles' baseball (Washington didn't have an MLB team until 2005) were consistently winning championships or championship contenders. I had a lot to cheer for growing up in the DC area.

Right now, the talk of the town is of the Commanders, our NFL team. The previous owner (who shall not be unnamed) has been bought out and ousted by our Lord and Savior Josh Harris and his ownership group, which includes NBA great Magic Johnson. When the news came through that the previous owner was gone, I cried a tears of joy. Ever since the previous owner took over the team in 1999, he turned the rich winning legacy of our NFL team and destroyed it. Plus he refused to change the name of the team (which many indigenous groups have deemed as racist and offensive) until corporate sponsors either cut or threaten to cut their sponsor ships. Also word around town and the league is that he can be quite difficult to deal with. About less than 10 years ago, after the Robert Griffin III debacle, I decided to no longer root for the team until he sold the team. I was tired of seeing the team I grew up cheering for turning into a hell fire of feces, until July of this year when the team got new ownership. I am officially a Commanders fan again. I am so excited for this season! I don't think the Commanders are Super Bowl contenders just yet. However, they will be competitive in their division, maybe even get a playoff berth. Last week, they took the Philadelphia Eagles, who won the division and went to the Super Bowl last season, to overtime. They only lost by three points. There is some growth that needs to happen. Luckily, they hired the former offensive coordinator from the Super Bowl winning Kansas City Chiefs to create a high scoring offense. Also, the defense continues to dominate on the field as they have done in the previous seasons.

Even though my favorite MLB team, the Washington Nationals, is out of the post season, they ended their year far better than any one expected. They ended the season with a 71-91 record, better than the 55-107 record from 2022. They ended the season with a series win against the National League leading Atlanta Braves. I thought when I started to trade off their best players two years ago (including my all time favorite player Juan Soto), who were a part of the 2019 World Series Championship team, that the team would never recover. However, this year, the group of young guys that got in those trades have been performing well for the Nationals. Players such as Lane Thomas, Keibert Ruiz , All-Star Josiah Grey, and single season stolen base record holder, C. J. Abrams, has made watching them play so enjoyable. I have had the pleasure of attending a few games this past season and had a great time. I'm excited for the upcoming seasons. They will be competitive again since they have built up their farm (minor league) system and Juan Soto will be up for free agency in a year. He can always come back home to where it started, wishful thinking, huh? I would love to attend a few games at spring training in West Palm Beach, Florida (possible FMTY idea?). Of course, regular season games would be awesome, too!

I'm more of a casual enthusiast of the Capitals and Wizards. I don't get too deep in the news of those teams, I couldn't name five players on those teams. Plus with hockey, I barely know the rules, but I'm learning. I had a lovely gentleman take me to a game this past season and he helped me understand the game and explained the rules. Don't get me wrong, I do root for them and will catch a game if my schedule allows it. Occasionally, I will don the gear, too. Hopefully, the Caps and the Wizards will improve from last season and give me something to cheer about!

As we get further into the sports seasons, I may come back and revisit this topic and may add a new perspective. Who knows?

Since I am a paid companion, I do enjoy game day dates. They are one of my favorite outings. I am open to attending any college or professional sporting event, either here in the DC area or in your city. Just kindly inquire.

I wish the best for my home teams and the best for yours, unless they are playing mine.

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