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Let's Get Away!

I'm always up for an excursion! I just got back from a much needed vacation to New Orleans. It was so much fun and exhilarating! I get asked many times, I would love for you to take a trip with me or visit me in my city for a few days, but you don't do overnights. Oh yes, the overnight thing. I'm not a fan of the traditional overnight booking, not for the reasons you may think. First, I'm what some may call a "wild sleeper." I toss and turn all night and I sleep in the middle of the bed. Thus I cannot sleep with another person in my bed. It would be very difficult for that person to get a good night's sleep. Second, I don't like to be bothered or touched while sleeping. When I first started in this biz, I did a few overnights and they were not the best experiences for me nor my client. Both of us didn't get the best sleep and we were quite tired of each other by the morning. The only time that an overnight date was successful was when my client used a C-PAP machine, so he couldn't bother or touch me and the bed was a huge California King, so I had my space to toss and turn.

However, I've done some thinking and came up with how a multi-day booking could be done technically without a traditional overnight. Actually, it is similar to an "overnight" booking I had a while back. He booked me for 12 hours and 4 hours the next day. I had about 10 hours to myself to sleep and get ready for him the next day. It's was a great time and pretty much stress free. He actually said he preferred this structure, because it allowed him to freely do his typical morning routine and be better prepared to spend time with me.

So it goes like this: book your preferred option (4 hours or more) for each day and allow me to have time to myself for 10-12 hours overnight. Those 10-12 hours include my sleep time, time to get ready for bed, and to get ready and be 100% for you in the morning. By the way, I require my own room and bathroom with a locking door. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to get very close and cozy with each other.

As for any trip you want to take with me or have me visit you in your city, any travel or hotel costs are to be taken care of by you. Also, I need at least a 5 day or more heads up for the request. Remember, I do have a 7 hour and a 12 hour booking available. Perfect for game day, live events, or sight seeing. As always, if you are having too good of a time with me, you may always extend the date!

As the temps are warming up and more events are happening, I'm looking forward to traveling more. I would love to be a guest in your city or be your plus one on a get away with you and create those magical memories!

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