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Advertising Gems!

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past year, you know that many of the advertising platforms for providers have bit the dust, gone underground, or have been extra exploitive and shady in their business practices. However, there are a few gems shining through the dust post FOFSA/SESTA. Times have changed and we as providers and clients must evolve to continue what we do. Here are a few of my favorite sites that I use to advertise. Clients, these are great sites you can also find your favorite provider and new ones, too:

A fairly new platform now made available in the United States. It is created by sex workers and those who brought you Switter, Assembly Four. They put sex workers first and are not exploitative like a very well know site. It has a clean layout and it is easy to navigate. You can search by identity, ethnicity, body type, location, and even if they have tattoos or not! The biggest thing is that there is no confusion if an escort is in your area, unlike other sites. It's clearly laid out. It is now allowing clients to join and message providers, so you can get in touch with the one or few that struck your fancy.

Thumbnail of my ad. If I was touring, you would see when and where I was touring displayed right under my name with my home base city at the bottom.

Since it's fairly new, you may not find it at the top of the Google search page when searching for escorts in your city. However, many escorts are joining this site. With your use of the site, it can be boosted up there and knock a very well known avaricious site off the top rank.

Adultlook has been around for a moment. I find it the most economical for a paid advertising site. To advertise in Washington, DC, with reposts every 2 hours runs about $25 for 3 months. You can add more cities for slightly more. You can't even get a repost for one hour for that much on other well-known sites. Yeah, it may not look as sophisticated as Tryst or Slixa (another advertising site), but it serves it purpose. You can manually repost anytime outside of the preset repost times. It also has sections for massage, body rubs, domination, and transsexual providers.

It is on the first page of Google search results when you search for escorts in Washington, DC, which is really helpful, since most prospecting clients will only stick to the first page of results to find what they need. I find the results similar in surrounding areas such as Baltimore, MD, and Richmond, VA.

Overall, it's not fancy, but it's economical and serves its purpose.

Pretty much social media is everywhere and Twitter is no different. Twitter allows me to promote myself and show more of my personally, not necessarily pertaining to sex work. Some of my posts and retweets are fun and some are serious. I express who I am through my posts and retweets. Lately, it has ruffled the feathers of a few of my male followers, especially in regards to race. I am not afraid to speak my truth. In social media, you can't please everybody.

It allows interaction between clients, advocates of sex work, and fellow sex workers to start conversations that would not happen anywhere else.

It's also a great way to advertise for free! You can also advertise other projects that you are involved in such as blogs, paid content sites, books, podcasts, and even performances. Unfortunately, Twitter can be fickle and discriminatory towards sex workers and our content, often result in being shadowbanned and search banned. Being shadowbanned and search banned, makes it very difficult for others to find us and our posts on Twitter. Worst case scenario, is that Twitter will close down your account or keep you from posting for a period of time.

In all, it's great free advertising and allows to you to show more of your personality. About all of my clients and gifters (99%) have found me on Twitter.

Those are my top 3 advertising platforms that I use. Of course, I am on a few other sites such as MassageRepublic, TNA Board, and Escortdirectory. Providers, as always, make sure you do your research to find an advertising site that fits your needs, area, and target niche. Clients, hopefully these sites, if you are not already using, them will open you up to find more great providers, without depending on those other sites that are exploitative and deteriorating by the moment.

If you enjoy my blogs, feel free to show your appreciation by gifting me via$CarisT or better yet, book me!

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