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Let's Meet!

You've seen me on an ad site, saw my Twitter, or just googled to find a provider and I struck your fancy. Now you want to book me. Awesome! Here are a few things that will make it so much easier for the both of us to set up the most awesome Caris experience ever for you!

1. Please keep the introductory email brief. First impressions do count.

First, send your requests via email. No DMs on any platform, please. Email me a brief synopsis of yourself and what you are seeking (keep it classy).

Be exact with the day and time that you request. "Sometime next week" or "Monday afternoon" means nothing to me. If your are flexible with times, cool. Just put your exact desired day and time and state that you are flexible, too.

Keep it light. I don't need to know your race, height, body build, or even your sexual prowess. In fact, the latter one will get you blocked.

There is no need to be slick or talk game like you're picking me up at the bar or on Tinder. Yes, you are seeking companionship, but this is my business that I run. Address me by name. No "baby," "honey," etc. Also there is no need to send pics of any nature.

Something simple like:

"Hi Caris,

I would like to meet with you for 4 hours on April 20th at 6pm at my hotel in Downtown Washington, DC. I'm in town for a conference and I'd love your company for dinner and then go from there. I have also sent in your booking form. I look forward to hearing from you.


John Doe"

I don't need an essay. I don't want to know what your wife doesn't do for you or any sexual fantasies. Again, the latter will get you blocked.

Think about this, do you like reading long, extensive emails with information not pertinent to the business at hand? If not, I don't either.

2. It should only take 3-4 emails between us to set up and finalize the date.

If you keep the email brief and send over my required screening information initially, it can be done. If there is a scheduling or logistical conflict, I'll let you know what works best. If I have a challenge screening you and need more information, please be prompt with that information. Also be deposit ready if i decide to meet you. Deposits secure the day and time. Without it, it's hypothetical.

99.99% of the questions you have about me, what an experience with me is like, or my booking/screening protocols can be found on this website, my blog posts, newsletters, ads, and Twitter. Before you write that email, ask yourself if that answer is in any of the sources I just mentioned.

3. Speaking of deposits, be deposit ready when you initially inquire.

There are times where the client wasn't deposit ready after screening and sent deposit instructions, then later another client inquired for the same day and time was deposit ready. Guess what, I took the client who was deposit ready. Don't let that happen to you. If you are adverse to deposits, seek another provider who doesn't require them. My policy is firm and non-negotiable.

I have two ways for a deposit. Cash App and WishTender. I prefer Cash App. It's immediate and easy to use. WishTender is another way that has a little paper trail. I have the deposits under Processco Wishes for incall and Bourbon Wishes for outcall, since I can't call it a "deposit" under their TOS. There is a 10% fee to use WishTender. WishTender can be used if the date is more than 3 days away.

4. If you follow me on Twitter, I do look at your timeline and replies.

Be mindful of that, thanks.

5. Again, please read my website, blog, Twitter, and my ads to know more about me and the experience that I offer.

Speaking of ads, these are the only places I advertise: Tryst, Slixa, TER, TNA Board, Private Delights, and Erotic Monkey. Any place else is a fake ad that stole my information.

6. If unfortunately I decline to see you, don't take it personal or be snarky in your response.

In order for the date to happen, I need to feel comfortable seeing you. My intuition is real and never fails me. If I decline to see you, by the way, it can happen if you have seen me before, my decision is firm and final. There will be no further discussion. Move on. There is no need to respond back by being rude, snarky or threatening.

7. Finally, if I seem firm and not as "flirty" in my response to your inquiry, don't be offended.

Being Caris is a business for me. I run it as so, plus I don't know you, yet. The risks for me far outnumber the risks for you. Please respect that. My safety is more important that your boner.

This may seem like a long laundry list of do's and don'ts , but often these are the reasons I ignore/block client requests or decline seeing clients. Don't let that be you. Stop cock blocking yourself.

With much love,


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