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Cheers to a Fab Five Years!

Many moons ago in September 2017, I became an escort and took on the moniker, Caris Quinn. The decision to transition from sugaring to escorting was very natural. As in a previous blog post , I was fed up with the cesspool that sugar dating was becoming and going pro was the way to go. In my heart, I felt that if even wanted to have a chance at achieving any of my life goals, sex work was going to be the path to get me there. And it has.

I have grown significantly as Caris and in my civvie life, too. I've learned lessons about myself that have allowed me to have a better quality of life that I never would even dream of after some of the most traumatic periods in my life. I've learned about being firm with my boundaries and affirming myself and my expectations of others. Before becoming Caris, I was not assertive. I was scared of rejection and just wanted to be liked at any cost, thus I had horrible personal relationships and my life felt stagnant. Now, I don't give a fuck about being liked. I look out for me, number one. I do what works for me and creates the best, safe situation for whatever I choose to do. My clients appreciate that.

Giving myself grace and learning to come from a place of abundance versus a place of lack, have been essential to be staying in the game for the last five years. Yes, there has been some times that I was on my last dollar and felt hopeless. Yes, there some shady client inquiries that sound very tempting to pursue. However, I took a step back and realized that things will always work out if I believe that a great booking, gift, or opportunity will come through and if I put in the work and hustle. Everytime I have been on the edge or going through a tough time, something always come through. I'm truly thankful.

Over the past five years, I was able to travel more, meet wonder clients and fellow sex workers. I've met people and have experiences that I would have never come across in my civvie life, ever. Really, I feel more authentic to myself as Caris versus my civvie persona. Again, I am truly tankful and blessed to have this opportunity to be Caris.

What does the next five years hold for Caris? I would love to travel more. I did dabble in touring, it was an interesting experience that I won't do again. I rather travel for pleasure or visit clients who invite me to spend time with them in their cities. I love to do more duos and have a MFM experience or few. Also, open myself to seeing female clients. There are a few financial goals that I want to achieve. I would like to move closer to DC. I would love to build my investment portfolio to create wealth for myself and have something to pass down to my child. Own a few investment properties, too. I want to do more charity and advocacy work for sex work and other causes close to my heart. My ultimate goal is to become a spoiled mistress for a lucky person or few. You can see me whenever, but you must take care of me financially. (SN: I do offer exclusive companionship.) I'm looking to enjoy life more and work less. I might still be in the game, I might not. It depends. One thing I do know, especially with this lifestyle, there can be uncertainty, but perseverance, too.

I will be celebrating for the next 365 days! To celebrate my five years as Caris, you may, of course, book me, gift or tip me. There a few things that I would like gifted that are not on my website's wish list. One is a new laptop, I prefer a Chromebook. I 've had my current laptop for over 5 years and she is showing her age a bit. Two, a new phone, I'm an Android gal. I'm liking the new Samsung and Google Pixel models. Three, professional photoshoots. I do have one scheduled for later in September, however, it will not have any nudes or lingerie pictures. It will be more SFW type of photos to show more of my personality outside of the bedroom. But don't fret, I still want to do something sexier in the future, I just need to find a photographer that knows how to properly shoot my curves and skin tone. and have esthetic that I like. Any contributions towards my photoshoots, anything else mentioned here or on my wish list will be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

I look forward celebrating with you! Big thanks to my wonderful clients, gifters, and fellow sex workers! Much love from me to you from the bottom of my heart!

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