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It's a Celebration!

My born day is coming the first part of June! That will make it about my 40th some year around the sun. I would love for you to celebrate it with me! I just don't do it just for one day, I whoop it up all month long!

Some wishes for my birthday, both big and small:

A Quick Getaway

I feel that I've been running full speed since last summer and I haven't had any real time to myself to truly relax. I would love to spend a few days at a swanky hotel or resort. Two that immediately come to mind are Salamander Resort and The Lorien. Both are located in Northern Virginia and world renowned. I would just want to rest and enjoy a couple of spa services like a massage and pedicure. Enjoying a delightful meal observing the beautiful outdoors while sipping on some bubbly and being treated like a queen!

Afternoon at a Cat Cafe

It's no secret that I love cats. I have one of my own. There is cat cafe in DC that I would love to visit, Crumbs & Whiskers. I would get to enjoy a coffee or tea while adoring and snuggling with the many cute and cuddly kitties. Luckily, they do have gift cards available!

Luxury Mini Shopping Spree

I'm not a big shopper, however, I do like nice things. Many of the designers' spring and summer collections have been absolutely beautiful. The few times have been able to pass by these boutiques I get in awe of the beauty and imagine myself wearing a few pieces. If you are unable to see me in person to gift me a shopping spree or an item from the few brands that I adore, I accept gift cards to Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Extravagant Gift

From my holiday wish list, I wanted a new car to be gifted. That is still on the table. It would take some stress off me not having to worry about my car breaking down. Plus, I want to take my kiddo on a long promised beach trip this summer and not worry about any car issues. As an incentive to you, I may be open to traveling further outside of my home base area to see you. Right now, I do have some savings, but with me being a sex worker and that high ticket businesses (cars, apartments) like to discriminate, I would have to come up with a huge down payment to be financed or even pay for the car in full. Actually, I prefer the latter. Car payments are no joke. Of course, I would love the Mercedes or Tesla mentioned on my holiday wishlist. However, I'm open to more economical cars like Volkswagen, Chevy, or Toyota, but it has to be good on gas. These gas prices are crazy.

A Date or Few with Me!

I still have some availability left before my summer hiatus, which starts June 20th. I already have one lucky person celebrating with me with a fun tryst. I would love to celebrate with you, too! Please kindly get in touch.

In all, any gift given big or small is greatly appreciated!

I'm truly blessed that I have made it one more year on this earth! I am thankful that I got to share this past year with you!

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