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Tour Say NO.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

In 2022, one of my goals for the year was to tour more. Now that it's approaching the fifth month of 2022, I have decided after my next visit to Charlottesville in May, I will not be touring anymore for the time being.

After successful tours to Charlottesville and Baltimore, I thought tackling the two of the most popular east coast destinations for providers, New York and Philadelphia, would be just about as successful. I was wrong, really wrong. I did the marketing prep and research of the two areas. I posted ads on multiple platforms at least 6-8 weeks out. My touring rates and minimum booking times were reflective of those who were similar to my esthetic. I promoted the tours relentlessly on social media and my newsletters. However, the inquiries are few and far between. I was extremely disappointed.

I know there is squawk on social media in the sex worker community of talking about failures and disappointments. Some say that it puts your brand in a bad light and make your undesirable if you talk about any failures or if you need help. Well, being a sex worker is not all lollipops, red bottoms, and luxurious adventures. Real shit does happens and it happens often. I think it makes us a bit more human and relatable, since all people go through shit in life.

Touring takes a lot of prep work and the overhead costs are high, especially in our current economy. The price of travel, hotels, and even meals have gone up significantly. Traveling to major cities such as New York, LA, Chicago, Miami, or Philly, with a couple of bookings (under 3 hours) is not worth it. I would be barely breaking even, if not, in the red. To continuously to do that, is bad business and not smart for me.

I know that I have admirers outside of the Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area. With that said, you now only have two ways of seeing me: FMTY (Fly Me to You) or visit me in my home base area. I will not travel outside of area on my own dime. For FMTY, you are responsible for any travel, hotel, and other miscellaneous costs plus my rate of 4 hours or more (my FMTY minimum booking is 4 hours). Of course, you can always visit me locally on your dime. You fly in for a quick 2 hour incall rendezvous with me and fly out a bit later. I have had that happen a few times, it was quite delightful! Better yet, book longer and I can be your personal, sexy tour guide. There are two major airports and a major Amtrak hub in my home base.

I'm seeing that more providers are touring less than before. Don't let that discourage you from seeing sex workers. If someone you fancy is out of your area, bring them to you or visit them in their home base. You just have be a bit more meticulous and plan ahead, which isn't a bad thing. I absolutely love clients who are planners! They tend to get an absolute glorious experience from me.

To book me, please fill out my booking form, if I haven't seen you before. If I have seen you before, simply send me an email. For FMTY dates, they must be requested at least 5 days in advance, the minimum booking is 4 hours.

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