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How it all started...

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

I've been involved in sex work in some form or another for a few years now. All of it started when I was a sugar baby. A sugar baby? Yes, a sugar baby. Sugaring is sex work, even though sugar websites and even some sugar babies says it's not. But it is, I can go into that on another day.

One of my sugar dating pics. Actually my longest SD relationship, my SD said this pic attracted him to me. I met him on a popular dating app.

About over few years ago, I was about a year removed from leaving a horrible, abusive relationship and was, at the time, dating mediocre guys. One night, I was complaining to my best friend about all of the nonsense I was dealing with dating these guys and that I was drowning in debt. She told me that I deserved better and I needed to upgrade my dating choices to help my financial situation. She suggested I join a well-known sugar dating website. I was skeptical, because, I didn't fit the typical "sugar baby" ideal, whatever the hell that is, you know, thin, white, college co-ed, yadda, yadda. Anyway, I made my profile and poof, I entered the sugar bowl. I did okay with sugaring, let's be honest. I didn't get expensive shoes, Chanel purses, or jet setted around the world. However, sugaring supplemented my civvie income significantly and I paid down a lot of debt that I accrued from leaving my abusive ex (long story, another future blog). When I got in the sugar bowl, it was mainstream and all of the bottom feeder wannabe sugar daddies were trying to get in on the action on sugar sites. No established relationships from sugar sites. However, I found better success and established sugar relationships on regular dating sites, who would of think? I guess the sugar sites were my place to hone my finessing skills.

A couple of years in, my SD (sugar daddy), at that time, ran into some personal issues which affected my allowance significantly and I decided to go on a hiatus from him until his personal situation blows over. In the meantime, I tried to find another SD, but by that time the bowl was infested with even more clueless blokes, who did not understand a mutually beneficial relationship or what sugaring entails.

I had enough. I was over the low-ball offers and tomfoolery. I got rejected a great deal for stating exactly what I wanted in a sugar relationship from the financial to time spent to intimacy. Some even accused me of me a "pro". If knowing what I want and how I want to be treated makes me a "pro", so be it. Also, my full time civvie job came to an end and I needed to have additional income.

The Birth of Caris Quinn

From my first photoshoot.

Creating her was fun and meticulous, a wonderful learning experience. I set up a photo shoot. I planned outfits. Researched what kind of escort I would be, where would I advertise, who was my target client, etc. I got everything in order, at least I thought. More on that later.

Caris Quinn was officially born in the early fall of 2017 (when I published my website and posted ads). Of the bat, I got a few inquiries. Typical BS guys asking directly for services, using disrespectful language, and ghosting when I asked for screening information or deposits. I was getting frustrated and doubted myself and my decision to do this. I sought out the help of a well-established escort, whom I met via social media, for mentorship to steer my vision in the right way. Her mentorship helped me significantly increase my online presence and get better quality inquiries that eventually lead to my first booking after a few months.

A few months? Well, is this industry, it takes time to establish yourself, especially if you don't fit the "ideal" escort type and society's "ideal" of beauty, let's be honest. I knew coming in to this, the challenges I would face, which were similar to those I faced when I started sugaring and in civvie life. I am older, dark-skinned, black, and curvy with a bit of chub who don't tour or do incalls. Don't feel bad for me, I'm just keeping it real. My first date was wonderful and it was worth the wait. It reaffirmed why I chose to do this.

So here I am, Caris Quinn. I am ever evolving and adapting, especially post FOSTA/SESTA. I'm a creative soul and I'm always tweaking my persona. So far with this venture, I have learned so much about entrepreneurship, having business acumen, social media development, advertising, analytics, and, most importantly, more about myself. I am pleased with my growth. I am so excited for what is to come!

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