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Hey, Cat Daddy...

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Cat Daddy (n) : A gentleman of a particular age (55+) who can still get it. Preferably, he's distinguished, established, and very intelligent. He has salt and pepper hair or completely grey. He has impeccable taste and looks absolutely sexy in a tailored suit. He also gives Caris pussy tingles.

It's Monday night and I'm watching one of my cat daddy crushes, Lawrence O'Donnell on the television. As I'm watching him talk politics and important social issues, all I can think about is how I want to ride his face. Yes, I said it. I'm so turned on by him. There is something about him and other cat daddies that turns me on.

Maybe it's that they are distinguished, due to their life experiences. These gentlemen have achieved greatness in varied areas in their lives. They are very knowledgeable, smart, witty, and of course, very charming. They are consumed with living their best lives. They are well-traveled. They have experienced things that I can only dream about.

It is no secret that I dig gentlemen of a certain age, even my close friends and family know. Many times at work or when out with friends, we would see older gentleman using canes or walkers. My friends would say, "Oh, there's a guy that's perfect for you! Just how you like them, old and dusty!" while laughing. But I wasn't laughing, I was picturing myself as Anna Nicole Smith and the gentleman as J. Howard Marshall.


I got into older men right before I started sugaring. By chance, I was approached by a gentleman who was 12 years my senior. Before then, I only dated guys who were my age, give or take a few years. Frankly, when I met Paul*, I was over the typical fuckboys. He opened me up to a different type of dating experience that I wasn't used to and also in to BDSM, too (will touch on that in another blog post). I was wined and dined very well. We had dates to the theatre and jazz concerts. We went to gallery events. Our conversations were very stimulating on a variety of subjects that didn't not necessarily include sex. I felt that I could learn a lot from him. He opened me up to basically a whole other world. Plus the sex was great! He cared about my pleasure, too!

I was hooked, no more men less than 10 years older than me. However, as always, not all older men are created alike. I still ran into my fair share of fuckboys in that age group, too. I guess they are everywhere.

What I did learn is that I deserved more and I that I seek a relationship that benefits me. Which lead me to sugaring, all of the men I dated were gentlemen at least 15 years my senior. The oldest man I ever went on date with was 68 years old, and he was my first sugar relationship.

Back to cat daddies, I find that most older gentleman truly know how to treat a lady well and are for the most part, well-mannered. They understand that providing financially for his lady is a part of a relationship. They want to please me. They want to take care of me. They want to enrich my life and I am happy to let him.

Although, I really have a thing for older gentlemen, I do appreciate my clients from all age groups. As I always say, as long as you are respectful and well-mannered, respect what I do, and pay me, we are good.

Still want to see more of cat daddy crushes? I have them pictured below:

L to R, Row 1: Ted Leonis, owner of Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards; Colin Firth, actor; Harry Belafonte, actor and activist.

Row 2: Jay Wright, head coach, Villanova men's basketball; Steve Kerr, head coach, Golden State Warriors; Jeff Goldblum, actor

Row 3: Lawrence O'Donnell, TV host and author; Kevin Costner, actor.

*name has been changed for discretion.

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