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It's Been a Moment...

I hope everyone is doing well this summer amidst this global pandemic. Hopefully, you are trying to find a way to navigate these uncertain times. With said, it's been a very interesting few months for me. I have mostly been in good spirits despite my civvie gig putting me on furlough, bookings have decreased significantly, and very few things that would traditionally enjoy in the spring and summer are no longer. I have learned in these times, I can only control what I do and how I feel. Everything and everyone else is not a major factor in how I live my life. I've learned to live with gratitude and being thankful for where I'm at and what I have. My life is full of abundance. I still do suffer from anxiety and depression. Living in a state of abundance and gratitude through these trying times have helped me coped significantly. Don't get me wrong, I do worry about my life and what the future holds.

I live is state which, fortunately, is not a COVID hot spot. *knocks on wood* Luckily, the government leadership in my state took the warnings and information from the CDC, WHO, and other medical professionals seriously. They put protocols in place to keep my state and local area from being a hot spot. Of course, I did my duty by staying home, wearing a mask when I did have to venture out of my house, and doing the recommended hygiene standards (which I was doing anyway before the pandemic). Since I wasn't working, I got a chance to catch up on things that I didn't have time to do in the previous year when I was working two civvie gigs and doing sex work part time. I watched some interesting shows in my queue on Netflix, Hulu, and PBS. I did a deep declutter of my home to make way for new, positive energy to be brought in. Thankful to YouTube for helping me to hone in on my skincare and beauty rituals, including doing my own gel nail extensions! By the way, my skin has looked the best in years, better than I thought for being 42 years old. I also took time to re-evaluate what I want out of sex work and my next steps. I'm still working on that, since it's ever evolving. Overall, my health is good. My family is good. I have a safe and secure place to stay. I have great clients and gifters that have been there for me financially, too.

I also celebrated my birthday last month. I thought I would be basking on the beach and sipping pina coladas with a nice blunt, but Covid got in the way of that. Oh well, I enjoyed a very small celebration with family. I am thankful to those who helped me to celebrate by gifting me. I greatly appreciate it!

Just a quick update from me. Hope all is well! Wishing you a happy and healthy summer! Love, light, and blessings!

**By the way, my summer hiatus is ending on July 15th. I will be available to see friends again starting July 16th. I am currently pre-booking. Please book via my website!

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