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It's My Anniversary!!

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Reflections on the past year and a big revelation!

Today, I'm celebrating one year as Caris Quinn! I'm so blessed to have made it through my first year as a companion.

I am truly thankful for my clients, the connections I made with other sex workers, what I have learned, and, of course, the money I have made.

I've met wonderful gentlemen for dates, who were a dream to screen and respected my booking and date protocall. I've connected with so many sex workers and sex work advocates from all walks of life that has given me a more worldly perspective, not only in sex work, but outside of it, too. I have gained so much knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence as a companion. This has carried over into civvie life. I have "take no shit" attitude and feel more confident in saying "no" to things that don't suit me. I feel is though, I'm no longer a people pleaser and people have noticed. People who were used to be being submissive are now dealing with me being assertive, which has made a few people uncomfortable, thus removing themselves from my life. And no, I'm not sad at all. I see at as dead weight being removed, making way for new things!

As a companion, especially an independent one, I'm learning to be an entrepreneur, public relations representative, marketing specialist, therapist, and the list goes on. I am a one-woman show. I am accountable for everything and I'm glad I have gone the independent route. I'm learning more things about business that I would have learned in a college business course.

To be honest, everything that I goaled for myself as a companion, has yet to come to full fruition, especially in regards to client bookings. Although I am thankful for the client bookings, even the inquires, they were not as consistent enough as I have hoped. Dealing with this disappointment, which as flared up my anxiety, has helped me look into other ways of coping, such as journaling, reading, meditation, and even indulging in some cannabis. I've learned to focus on myself and MY journey and understand MY journey is not like everyone else's.

In all, being Caris Quinn is great! I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm looking forward to what the next year has to offer!

And now the big reveal...

This is me and this bitch is 40.

The reason I have fudged my age a bit, is because I didn't feel confident in telling my exact age due to stigma of ageism, which exists in sex work. This is also a carry over from sugaring, when men would age shame me about wanting to be taken care of financially, or figured I was an old hag, or maybe they couldn't run game on me. Whatever their sad excuse was.

I was not comfortable in revealing my age when I started as a companion, as many shame, from both inside our community and outside, those who are past a certain age (35 or so) are washed up, have no real direction, no "end-game." I was told by a few people who were already in the industry, to not reveal my real age, because it will deter quality clientele, which we know is not true. I see so many providers who are my age or older killing it out there!

When I was in my 20's and most of my 30's, sex work never crossed my mind a something that I could do. I was raised by mom to not try to get by in life on my sexuality and looks, since by her standards, I was not attractive enough to do that. That is how she thought about me. I guess I didn't grow up to be the beauty queen daughter she always wanted, so she pushed me to do well in school and in work and maybe some guy will find me attractive enough to date me. Anyway, that took a toll on my self-esteem, and I became a people pleaser, especially with the guys I dated. I would do anything, I mean anything to keep a man. I would endure abuse, disrespect, and pain, since I thought I wasn't worthy enough to be treated well. Of course, that changed.

If I started sex work in my 20's, I honestly would have been dead within 6 months of starting, because I was so desperate. So I'm glad I waited to get into sex work in my late 30's. I have built up maturity, confidence, and have went through some serious life experiences that have prepared me for the ups and downs of this industry.

So I'm a proud 40 year old lady! I guess I'm like a fine wine, I get better with age! However, loves, I'm not into being your MILF or cougar fantasy.

***If you would like to help me celebrate, you may gift me or just book me:$CarisT

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