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Let's Make a Date!

In sex work, dates can mean many things, but serve a single purpose, to create an intimate experience, at least for me and my clients.

Intimacy does not only include what happens behind closed doors, but outside of them, too. For me, it's important that the whole date is an inclusive experience.

As you know, I want my clients to feel at ease and leave satisfied: body, mind and soul. The best dates for me tend to longer and allow us to explore mutual interests. I have enjoy a variety of interests in music, arts, sports, history, fine dining and social issues. Also I'm versatile in many settings. I can easily get dressed in formal wear for a black tie embassy event as being casual for a day of deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida.

I love to attend concerts (jazz and R&B are my favorites), especially in outdoor settings like Wolf Trap. We can pack a nice picnic with wine and other spirits, sit under the stars and enjoy beautiful music. Then of course, we can make our own sweet melodies afterwards.

I'm a history and arts nerd. I can stay all day and more in museums. I'm blessed that I am able to live in an area so rich in history and access to the finest art museums. If there are any visiting gentlemen or even if you're local and haven't had a chance to explore this lovely area and want a lovely lady to accompany you on a tour or even to show you the sites around the area, I'm your girl. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge about this area and little know facts, too. Dates like these are perfect for my Day Long Soiree. Get lost in history, fine art, and then each other! C'est Magnifique!

I can say, the DC area has stepped its culinary game up within the last ten years. No matter your taste, there is something here to delight your taste buds. By the way, I'm talking about the food, guys. But first, focus, loves. One of the best ways to explore the dynamic and intriguing restaurant scene is through a local James Beard Foundation event. They take the best and even up and coming local chefs from the area and give them a chance to display their culinary creations. I've had the pleasure of attending a few of those events, and no two are ever the same. They are amazing, because you get to actually meet the chefs that create the dishes you will be eating that evening. I've met Jose Andres. By the way, he's a riot and so friendly. You get to hear their personal stories and inspiration behind the dishes. Plus the drink pairings are amazing, too.

Of course, we don't have to wait for a culinary event to take place. We can dine at many delectable restaurants in the area. Some of my favorite places to dine are Farmers and Distillers, Magnolia's, Le Diplomate, and Rasika. This would be a spectacular start to an overnight date. We can work off those calories, later, you know.

One of absolute favorite dates to go on is to a sporting event. I'm a huge sports fan, especially Major League Baseball and college basketball. I love the excitement and thrilling atmosphere of sports! Plus I know a lot about stats and players, too. I can be your in person analyst for the game. I'm down for just about any sport. Some sports like hockey or golf, I may need some guidance in how the sport is scored and plays that can be made. Which is fine, since I'm always eager to learn. I love my DC local teams, however, if you would like a companion to a sporting event out of the area to cheer on your favorite team, I am open to that type of date, too. Of course, we can celebrate in our own way if our team wins or I can console you in my own special way if your team loses.

On my bucket list for this year is a destination date. I love to travel and explore new locales. Vacations have the perfect elements to create to the most spectacular intimate moments that can last a lifetime. Walks on the beaches of Jamaica, a gondola ride in Venice, skiing in the Swiss Alps, or even yachting the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are perfect ways for both of us to relax and enjoy each other.

I could go on all night about different date scenarios. These are just a few of my favorite ways to create that ultimate intimate experience that you seek. Enjoying each other both inside and out of the bedroom create memories that will leave you wanting more, that's The Caris Quinn Experience.

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