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No Quickies Need Apply Here

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Via text message:

Client: Hey Caris, I saw you on Twitter and checked your website out. I would like to see you on Thursday. Are you available?

Me: Yes, in the evening. What time and how long would you like to see me?

Client: 8pm for HH. Is that cool?

Me: No, my minimum is 90 mins as per my website.

Client: Oh, but can you? You're really hot. I'm nice clean. I've been wanting to see u.

Me: No sir, dates start @ 90 mins. You may book that length or more.

Client: Aww, too bad. I've been wanting to experience you.

Me: Too bad, I do not feel I provide the best experience for my clients in a HH. I wish you the best, though.

This exchange has been seen multiple times in my inbox, and I'm sure in many other providers' inboxes, too. All too familiar, asking for date/session under a provider's minimum time. Let me explain to you why I have minimum date lengths.

I LOVE what I do. I love constructing a meaningful and intimate moments for my clients. I love to have that connection with them that reinforces the reason why he choose to see me. See, I create an experience. I want when I leave, my clients with an encounter that will making him want more. I want him to be pleased so that me wants to see me again or maybe refer me to another person. Remember, this my business. Repeat customers and referrals keep my business going.

The many reasons why people seek providers is to escape from the everyday grind. To find intimacy and connection with a lovely person, not just sex. Yeah sex is great, but it isn't the only thing. Sex is the icing on the cake! I find my clients, aren't getting that intimacy and connection at home. They want to feel wanted and desired. Many have this tough exterior, but long for that touch, that encounter that breathes life into them, maybe even inspire them! I have clients say that after seeing me, they feel more confident about themselves or want to build better relationships with others, including their significant others. So I guess I'm saving lives and marriages! Call me a healer, counselor, confidant, or muse, too.

"I know I already sent you a message thanking you, but you made me feel important. Like I mattered to someone. Thank you." -Sam*, a client of mine

I feel I cannot give my best to you with a date under 90 minutes. Hell, even in when I do "civvie" dates, they are longer than that. I truly want to give you an exhilarating encounter. I'm not a quick bang kind of girl, that doesn't work for my brand and business. Plus, I don't feel comfortable with it. I feel with quick visits or HH sessions, I am not able to give you that true intimacy and connection that I pride myself on.

Hopefully this clears up why I don't quick visits, HH, or short stays. I am not, by any means, discrediting those who do. Every provider has a right to do their business how they seem fit. The beauty about this business is that, as my grandma would say "there is more than one way to skin a cat." Maybe that wasn't the best way to say it. But hopefully, you get what I'm saying. Every provider is unique in what they do. People like a variety of things for their intimate experiences.

*name changed for discretion purposes.

SN: you are welcome to leave comments, as long as they are not lewd or vulgar.

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