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Springing into Something New!

Happy Spring, loves! The winter chill is finally on it's way out. The bees are buzzing and the birds are chirping. The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom. I love spring! It seems like a sense of renewal or rebirth. New ideas ready to be explored.

This spring, I have decided to open myself up to more experiences in sex work. I feel that I have evolved in the almost 5 years of being Caris. I feel I am more confident in myself and the experiences that I do provide to clients. I want to share myself with and give love to more people. I am open to seeing women, transgender and non-binary people. I am also open to doing more duos and seeing queer couples.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a duo session with a lovely provider and a client. Let me say, I had one of the most enjoyable dates as an escort. I still get tingles when I think of that wonderful evening. I have done a duo previously and it just ok. Going into it, honestly, I didn't have the highest expectations. However, I met the provider prior to the actual date to get a vibe on how she was and if I would be comfortable. By the way, I'm an introvert and a bit shy, so doing a duo is a bit outside of my comfort zone. However, we don't learn or grow in our comfort zone, right?. She was an absolute sweetheart and a total babe. The client also did a virtual companionship session with me, too. So I got real sense of who they were and I was at ease for our date together. Date night was fabulous and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This date showed me that duos can be exhilarating and very delightful.

My attraction for women has always been there. Women are amazing and can be absolutely lovely and delightful. However, due to how I was raised (kid of religious southern parents) and the stigma that being bisexual had, I didn't fully act on it. Yeah, I flirted with girls and made out with girls, but never pursued anything beyond that. Now that I'm older and more confident in my skin, I feel comfortable being intimate with someone other than a cis male. Being a sex worker has shown me the absolute, genuine beauty of women, transgender and non-binary folks, both inside and out. I feel the stigma is less within the sex worker community versus the civvie community.

Being that I'm open to seeing ladies, transgender and non-binary people, I will only provide a GFE experience in the sense. I still do not provide domme or MILF experiences, even though some have inquired about those services. I just want to chill, kick back, and have an absolutely exhilarating time with you!

To book me, please fill out my booking form. If I've seen you before, simply email me at For duos, I prefer to meet the other provider first, before the date. For couples, both people must be screened and each person must pay my rate.

I'm available in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area. Nationwide via FMTY. I have plans this spring to visit Philadelphia in April and Charlottesville, Virginia, in May. Secured, pre-bookings are required for tours or I will not visit.

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