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These Boots...

I love these boots. They are so sexy, yet sophisticated. Half leather, half suede. When I tried them on and strutted around the shoe department, I turned heads. Caught a few gentlemen, whom were with their wives, seeking a peak. I felt confident and sensual. I had to get them!

Let's dig a bit back. I got these boots over 4 years ago to wear on a date with a gentleman that I have been dating for a moment. That date in particular was significant, because it ended up being the night I first slept with him. Now, I didn't purposely plan to be intimate with him, it just happened and it was wonderful.

Fast forward a couple of years later, I wore these boots to a first date with a potential sugar daddy. The date was great. We went to a very ritzy restaurant that had a live jazz band. The vibe was great, and the conversation was even better as we shared a couple of bottles of fine wine. We established what our arrangement should be and so on. Later, as he walked me to my car, we exchanged a few passionate kisses. After that night, he became my sugar daddy.

See the theme here.

Random picture of me in these boots.

Well these boots, were part of another first. I wore these to my first date as an escort.

It was a very cold winter's night. It was an outcall to his house. I wore my typical black top and pencil skirt. Underneath, I had on lace topped thigh-highs with garters attached to my slip. I felt nervous, but thrilled. After a few months of advertising, perfecting my website, and promoting myself on social media, I had my first booked appointment!

The gentleman was very attractive, sightly older than me. He was a bit shy and nervous, too. His place was beautiful and cozy. When I arrived, I hugged him. I got a whiff of his cologne and he smelled amazing! I also noticed he was very happy to see me. I followed him to the kitchen where he took my coat and handed me my investment. Of course, I slipped into the bathroom to take care of some things before we officially started our evening. When I came out, he opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and we each had a glass. He showed me around his place and we got know more about each other, while spontaneously kissing. He was very pleased to have me visit.

We eventually ended up at his bedroom. We continued to make out, slowly undressing each other. Then the magic happened. It was an absolute delight! I enjoyed myself. I know he did, too. As I was freshening up and getting dressed, slipping back on my thigh highs and those sexy boots, I thought to myself: if this is what a date as an escort would be, I will do this forever! It was so worth the wait. He was a complete gentleman. To this day, I still keep in contact with him. He still sends me gifts periodically. We haven't met up again due to our schedules not meshing. Hopefully, we can work out the kinks and meet up again and have another unforgettable encounter!

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