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Tour, Say What?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

"Caris, when are you coming to (insert your city)?"

"Caris, I would definitely book you when you come to my city again!"

"Caris, you are so hot, but you are too far away!"

"Wow, I need to book 3 hours to have you come see me in (insert city out of my area)?!"

Above is what is commonly seen in my inbox and in my comments on Twitter from potential clients that are interested in seeing me, but happen to be outside of my home base. It must be frustrating to be interested in seeing a provider, however they don't visit your city or just do not tour like me. But my dear, I have solutions for you to be able to see me.

Travel to You or Fly Me to You

In our ads, social media posts, and on our websites, you have seen those phrases or even the acronym "FMTY." It means just that, pay to have a provider visit you in your city which is outside of their home area. You say that only jet-setting gazillionaires do that. Well, yes, but only if you think so. Remember those self-fulfilling prophecies? If you think that's the deal, then that's what it is. With a bit of little meticulous planning, you can have me pay a special visit to you!

The Covid situation has been a very tough time for most folks and industries. The travel and hospitality industry is looking to recoup some their lost earnings from earlier in the crisis by providing very reasonable prices for air and train travel and hotels! Going back to the meticulous planning, you can get idea how much it would take to bring a me to you. By the way, if you want to be a client of mine and remain one, please don't go for the lower tiered airlines or hotels to calculate the costs. Don't you want me to be comfortable, safe, and relaxed while visiting you? If I don't feel any of those things, my time with you may not go so well. *Hint*

For me, all costs needs to be covered: flight, train trip, or gas; hotel; food; parking. I require a minimum of a 3 hour meeting in addition to the finances of the trip itself. I crunched some numbers and you could get me to you (if I have to fly out) for about the cost of one day at Disney World and one night at a hotel with one of your kids . Now will you let me or a cheesy mouse make your fantasies come true? Think about it.

For my admirers in New York, Philadelphia, and points in between, I prefer to travel by train. It's easier and more convenient for me, especially in New York City. I'm not a fan of navigating out of Queens to get to Manhattan.

Back to planning, again. I need at least five days or more heads up for any Travel to You request and need a deposit, too, to secure your time with me. I am a planner. I do have to make arrangements for my household to run smoothly while I'm not there. As much as I would like to leave at a drop of a hat, I just can't.

One more thing, due to Covid restrictions and high number of cases in some states, there are some places I will not travel to. Please kindly inquire to see if I can travel to your area.

Which brings me to an alternative way to see me...

Travel to Me!

You can always visit me in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area. It's a great place to visit! More places are opening up for business and the weather is pretty decent. In the last few years, the fall and winters here have been mild. Occasionally, a snow storm or frigid cold spell rolls through, but it's only temporary.

There are two major airports and a train station here, too. Plus, the commute here by car is not that bad since most people are still working from home, so there is less traffic than normal. That's great, since the DC area is known for its horrendous traffic.

Rates for hotels are very reasonable, too. If you need advice on where to stay or what to do here when you visit me, I would be happy to help you!

Another thing...many admirers ask why I don't tour and why a 3 hour minimum. The main reason for not touring is that I have a household to run and cannot be away from them for weeks at a time. However, occasionally, I do have business outside of my area. I may have time to entertain a few clients. But, guys, don't hold your breath waiting for that chance, YOU WILL DIE! I don't want that to happen to you, please just plan for me to come to you or for you to come to me.

As for the 3 hour minimum, it would be waste of time, energy, and money for you just for me to get on a plane, train, or drive more than 90 minutes for a meeting 3 hours or less.

I would love to meet you soon! Just plan for it to happen!

*Any Travel to You requests must in an email with a brief, introduction about yourself, when and where you would like to see me plus a completed booking form sent for screening. If I'm able to see you, a deposit must be made to secure your time for me and for me to book my ammodations.

You may also follow me on Twitter (@TheFabCarisQ), too!

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