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Wanna Know More? Part Deux

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Hey, loves! Awhile back on Twitter, I asked if you wanted to know some more fun facts about me. Plenty of you responded back! Thank you!

So here it goes...

Q: What’s one of your favorite qualities about yourself? Whether it’s physical or something about your character I wanna hear about self love.

A: Mentally, I would have to say it's living with more grace/gratitude. Especially in 2020, I had to really lean on that to survive. I've learned to control what I can control and not worry about things that are out of my hands. Yeah, times were tough and I have anxiety about the pandemic, my family, my finances, and my life. However, I focused on what I am capable of doing and that has put me a bit more at ease.

Physically, I would say, of course, my boobs and my skin tone! I love my ta-tas so much, even though they sometimes can get in the way. In the summer, I would love to wear cute, little spaghetti strap tops and bikinis and not worry about being indecent or vulgar. However, I'm used to them as I always have been busty most of my life. When I became a sex worker, I knew that would be one way to attract clients to me. That's why most of my pictures accentuate or focus on my tits. Also, I have a few clients that only want to worship my breasts during a booking which I find quite enjoyable!

As for my skin, this has been a long journey to accept my skin. Growing up in the 80's and in the suburbs, I dealt with a lot of colorism both from black people (including my own family who were very dismissive about my grievances, but that's a long story) and white people. I started to become more comfortable when I went to college in the south. I was around more people who were more accepting of my skin tone and many darker skinned black people who were very proud of theirs, which I didn't see growing up. As an adult, I learned to embrace it in all of it's beautiful golden brown glory.

Q: Are you comfortable hearing your own voice?

A: Not really, I think the sound of my voice is corny as hell. It's funny, people think I have a sultry voice. That my voice would be perfect for voice overs and news reporting. One little know fact about me is that I hosted a show on my college radio station.

Q: Something you’re looking forward to in the coming months! What are things you’ve started doing since the pandemic you think have enriched your daily life?

A: Well, I just finished my vision board for 2021. I know I'm a bit tardy, but I was still recovering from 2020. On my board, I have dream houses and cars that I want to get this year. I want to travel extensively when it's safe to do so. I want to continue to build my sex worker business and expand my services offered to a more of a true arrangement based model. Really, I just want to be someone's very well kept mistress.

What I have been doing to enrich my daily life? Well during the pandemic, I've been watching nail tech tutorials and learning how to do nails and nail art. I've been catching up on all of those PBS documentaries and NPR podcasts that I had in my queue. I got to take time for myself to sit and breathe for a moment. In 2019, I was doing sex work while having a full time and a part time civvie gig with a long commute. I was exhausted. So this pandemic was not the end of the world for me, I took it with grace and embraced my time at home.

Q: What is your favorite movie and why?

A: Wow, that's a challenging question to answer. I love so many different movies from all types of genres. So let me break it down by genre:

Horror: Nightmare on Elm Street. If you follow me on social media, I love Freddie Krueger. He was just misunderstood and those damn parents burned him alive. By the way, I love campy horror movies of the 1970's and 1980's.

Comedy: My favorite genre! I have two: Clueless and Coming to America. Clueless because it came out when I was in high school and I wanted to be Cher. Coming to America, simply because I know just about every line in it and I cry laughing every time I watch it. Eddie Murphy's characters were absolutely hilarious especially Randy Watson.

Action: Just about any Marvel Comic Universe film. I just love them and the stories behind them especially Captain Marvel and X-Men.

Drama: Raging Bull or Taxi Driver. I can't decide. I love Robert De Niro when he plays very complicated characters.

Q: If you could have one “normal” superpower and one “weird” superpower what would they be?

A: Normal superpower would being able to twerk like Megan Thee Stallion. Yes, twerking like that is a superpower and should be respected as so. That takes a lot of knee strength, coordination, and balance, which I am lacking right now. I got to give it to her and the others that can do it well. If I could, I would be twerking everywhere and every chance I could.

Weird superpower would being able to be charge things by touching them. It would save me a lot of time with the many rechargeable devices that I use. Plus I'll never would have to find a charger or run out of battery life.

It was fun answering your questions! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I may do another blog post like this soon. Please feel free to submit SFW questions to my email: NSFW questions will only be entertained with a small gift.


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