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Who likes variety? #icecream

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

"French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe Even caramel sundaes is gettin' touched"

-Raekwon "Ice Cream"

Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan) wasn't shy to express that he likes ladies of different varieties, to nicely put it, in this hip-hop classic. This relates very much to sex work, because the beauty of what we do is that there is a provider for whatever you are desiring. Providers come in all shapes, sizes, identities, ethnicities, ages, and the list goes on.

However, many clients are set to see only a certain type of provider and will not deviate from that. Hey, to each their own. But I see on social media platforms and message boards, few clients complain about how they are getting a bit bored in seeing only a certain type of provider that they fancy or they can't find a reputable provider in their area. My solution is to try something new or different, you might enjoy it, because you never know.

Try something new? Yes, try something different. Remember variety is the spice of life! But, how do you know if that provider can give you what you're looking for, especially without few or no reviews? Well, you need to move in the modern times and have to deal with not having reviews as your grading standard. The move from review culture was already in the works for a moment, but with the passing of FOFSA/SESTA, that kind of catapulted that. You've noticed that popular review boards either disappeared, went unavailable for U.S. users, or went dark to come back restructured with different guidelines. So you need to adapt to changing times, like we had to do. But don't fret. There are many ways to seek your next date or maybe a new ATF (All Time Favorite).

It's 2018 and social media is where it's at. Many of us use the vast social media platforms to promote our business versus being reliant solely on advertising sites or message boards. I, personally, love Twitter. It allows me to show my personality and interests more and I get to interact with fellow sex workers and clients. By the way, the majority of my clients came from Twitter.

On Twitter, you can interact directly with a provider on a varieties of interests that do not necessarily pertain to sex work. You may find out they like a certain baseball team, is a Star Wars Fan, a snake lover, supports and volunteers for the SPCA, loves vintage movies, or studying to be a French chef. Maybe be you find out some personal details, like how they overcame a traumatic life event. Plus, you get instant updates on availability and tour schedules.

Of course, many providers also use Instagram and Snapchat, too. Many, like me, do premium paid content platforms. These platforms such as OnlyFans, ManyVids, and premium Snapchat and Twitter give you a very explicit and intimate access. You see what their body looks like and see even more of their personality, umm so to speak. If you see a provider that you struck your fancy, but not ready to commit to a date, because you need to see what you may get (*rolls eyes*), subscribe to their premium content platforms is a reasonable solution!

Of course, there is old fashioned Google and to visit our websites, which can be found via our social media or ads. We work so hard on our websites and online presence. We grind everyday perfecting our SEO (Search Engine Optimization), taking and editing pictures, writing and editing copy, writing blogs (like me), etc. This takes up precious HOURS a week, even in a day.

There are so many of us that are capable of making your wildest dreams come true! Your next date or ATF could be a provider completely different that what you traditionally see and I'm sure you will have the time of your life! If you have only seen blondes with short hair, try a brunette with long hair. If you like college co-eds, try a mature companion. If you fancy slim and petite, try curvy and tall. If you like touring providers, try someone locally based. When you step outside your comfort zone, amazing things can happen!

Get on social media and be active, subscribe or buy a provider's premium content, and check out their online presence. Don't be afraid. Don't feel ashamed. Put your big boy undies on and taste the rainbow! Or try different types of "ice cream" like Raekwon. You'll be glad you did!

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