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Yes, I Run This...

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

One the main reasons that attracted me to escorting was that I could be in total control on how I run my business. It is my business. I decide on every little detail, from where I place my ads, the content of my website, how I interact on social media, and most importantly, the rules on my business.

I know I'm selling a "service" or I rather say "experience" to gentlemen. In this experience, I get share myself intimately with gentlemen whom I haven't initially known for a long time. Meaning there is a bit of vulnerability and great danger in doing this. Also the stats on violence against women add to that, too.

However, rules and guidelines must be in place for me and you to feel comfortable and safe, so we can enjoy our time together without any worries. So I am very firm with my rules and guidelines.

Initial Contact and Inquiries

Whether you reach out to me via social media or directly to my inbox to inquire, I expect a certain level of respect. Using slang, incomplete sentences, and vulgar language is a turn off for me. Such as:


"U Available?"

"Wassup BB"

"Hey Sexy"

"Rates and Availability???"

"How much for a (insert specific service or acronym)"

"What's ur menu?"

"Wad up Shorty?"

Now, would you contact your doctor or any other business like that and expected to be taken seriously? Not really, you say? Well, it's the same as in contacting me or even other providers. We are running a business. You say, "But you are an escort (or other type of sex worker), so what's the big deal?" Well, it shows how serious you are and it's disrespectful. You wonder why your inquiries or DMs go unanswered, that's why.

Ideally, you should inquire respectfully, preferably introducing yourself, using complete sentences to inquire. Examples:

"Hello, Caris. This is Jim and I would like to meet you tomorrow night in Dupont Circle at 7pm at (name of hotel or residence) for 3 hours. Are you available? I have already sent over my screening information. Thanks."


"Hello Caris, This is Bob, and I would like you to visit me in New York City next weekend for the entire weekend. Are you available? I have sent over my screening information. If so, please let me know how you will be traveling here and which hotel you would like to stay at, so I can make or compensate your travel and accomodations."


"Hello Caris, I really like your posts (content, snapchat, etc). I saw you are baseball fan, so I would like to send you a gift card for some items from your favorite team. Where do you like to shop at?"

You see, none went into explicit detail. All were completely polite and respectful. Those type of inquires will get a polite response back.

Well, I know you see my social media posts, ads, or website and it makes you hot and very excited (well, that's the point, duh), but you need to take a moment and think before you type that email, text, or DM. Ask yourself:

"Have you read and understood her post/ad/website completely?"

"Do I want to make a good first impression, so she may book with me?"

"Would I want someone to approach me like this?"

If the answer is "yes", then type away.

SN: I don't take calls, because it is very inconvenient for me as I am either at my civvie job, with family, or even with a client. Now how would you like a provider to answer a call or have their phone go off when they are with you? Let that marinate.

Incall/Outcall Availability

I prefer to go to meet gentlemen, as I don't have a place that I feel comfortable for a permanent incall at the moment. By the way, that may not change anytime soon, so don't hold your breath. I know locals gripe about me not having an incall location for same day dates. If you want to see me so badly and are serious, you will abide by my rules. Again, I don't feel comfortable having gentlemen visiting me at my personal residence. I'm very particular and protective about my personal space.

However, I have instituted an incall option for pre-booked dates at least made one week in advance with a 50% deposit to secure a hotel, since hotels, especially in the Washington DC area, can be quite pricey and a challenge to book last minute.

Screening and Deposits

Screening and deposits are a non-negotiable for me. I must feel safe to meet you, also it allows me to be relaxed, so I can give you a breathtaking experience. I need real life information for my and your safety. Since sex work in most of the United States is still illegal and violence against sex workers is very high, I must be firm with my screening. Also you should appreciate a provider that screens, too. You hear of many stories of guys getting arrested or ripped off? Guess what that the common denominator is? They went for the provider that didn't do any screening.

So you are worried about your information being out there? Well, for me, I screen very discreetly using many credible resources. You will send your screening information via my booking form that is on my secure website. It is forwarded to my encrypted email. (By the way, I suggested you get an encrypted email, too.) I do not and will not contact your work or home. I will not disclose your information. I need to know who I am meeting. I don't want a cop, a family member or friend opening up the door when I arrive. Unfortunately, the crimes against sex workers are high and often go unpunished due to the criminalization of sex work. So let me reiterate, we need to feel safe.

As for deposits, it shows that you are serious about meeting me and it confirms the date. If you can't afford to pay my deposit, then you can't afford to see me. Plain and simple. If you can't afford to pay $120 of a $600 date beforehand, then you can't pay for the $600 date, period. Also I may add, a deposit is NOT an additional fee. You just pay the remainder when we meet.

I find deposits, eliminates no call/no shows and reduces cancellations significantly. If you are worried about me running off with your deposit, believe me, I will not be jet setting around world or retiring with your deposit. Plus, I have my business credibility and ethics to uphold. I want to be able to continue to grow my business and not shoot myself in the foot over stealing a deposit.

Time Availability and Local Outcall Areas

If you have read by now, a major theme is SAFETY! Thus this is why I am not available late night for most dates and will not travel to certain areas in the region.

If you would like to see me late night, book me for an overnight or a date that starts before 9:30 pm. Meaning that if you book a date for 9pm and want to see me for 3 hours or an overnight, that is possible.

Personally, I don't feel safe meeting you after 10 pm, no matter where you are.

As for areas that I don't go to, it has to do with distance and safety. Being a sex worker puts me at high risk for being robbed, attacked, assaulted, or even killed. Your hotel room or residence may be safe, but the area outside may not be. So, I avoid going to certain areas (unapproved neighborhoods).

As for distance, with the traffic in the Washington DC area, getting to certain areas are more trouble than it's worth. If you want a 90 minute or 2 hour date, it can take almost up to 90 minutes to get to you, no matter the time of day. So any place that is not mentioned will fall under my Travel to You option with a minimum of 4 hours and a 50% deposit.

My business and how I conduct my business is very important to me and I take it very seriously. I may come off as a hard ass, but this is my business and I do not put up with tomfoolery and fuckery, especially from grown adult men. I have invested a lot of time, money, and energy to to creating and maintaining Caris Quinn. It's my body, my business, my rules!

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