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You, Me, & a Tub?

During this time of year, for as long I have been a sex worker, I have had some memorable and remarkable dates. I love to be cozied up. I love the feeling of being held and be of comfort to someone. Being close to someone and sharing intimate moments. A giggle, stroke of the face, and sweet kisses. Often I feel very connect to my suitors and the suitors feel the same, too.

One of best dates ever was just an evening spent in the tub. A tub, you say? Yes, a tub. First, I love taking baths over showers, when I have the time to do so. The feeling of being immersed by warm water with lots of bubbles is so relaxing. It gives me time to breathe and get into my thoughts.

Ideally, my bath is lit by candles. Soft jazz or R&B is playing. A nice drink is served, preferably champagne or a nice bourbon. I like my water pretty hot. Must have bubbles, lots of bubbles. Of course, there must some aromatherapy going on with lavender or rose scented candles or essential oils in the water. Of course, a nice herbal refreshment is great, too.

Being in the tub was not the only reason why I enjoyed this date so much. It was a chance for me and my suitor to connect intimately without it only being about sexual intercouse. It was very sensual. Very relaxing for him. It kind of eased his nervousness and mine, too.

The bath was his idea. He lightly joked about it, after seeing my posts on social media about me in my bathtub. I said I was down for it after a nice dinner to unwind. It was perfect. He set up it well. The tub was a huge marble one. The layout is impeccable. Candles were lit, Sade was playing, a hot bath with tons of bubbles, and perfectly chilled champagne for us to sip on. Passionate kisses and touches were shared. We talked about all types of topics. Some serious, some not so much. In all, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. He appreciated that he got to see another side of me and wanted to do this more. I did meet up with him a couple more times for our special tub time.

So my potential suitors, here is one of many ways to enjoy a date with me. To book your special time with me, please see my website for details,

Of course, if you are unable to see me in the flesh, you may sponsor a solo bath video and pics just for you! Respectfully email me ( to inquire.

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