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2023 is a Coming...

Hi loves! The dear year of our Lord and Savior Beyonce 2022 is coming to a end in a few weeks. Hope your 2022 was as amazing and abundant as my tits! In all, 2022 was an awesome bounceback from 2020 and 2021. I celebrated (and still celebrating) 5 years as Caris! I've met some wonderful new clients and rekindled relationships with previous suitors. I tried a brief stint in touring and had a bittersweet experience. My clientele also became more diverse! I stepped up my marketing and had a couple of amazing photoshoots. I feel I'm starting to hit my stride and continue to work towards my goals for sex work and my personal life. I'm so excited for 2023 and will be implementing a few new things that will help me work towards my goals and be a better Caris.

In 2023, I want to diversify my client experience. I'm looking to do more duos with my fellow companions. Even though I'm open to it, I don't do duos with just anybody. I have to feel their vibe and be on the same page to create an exhilarating and fun time for you. If you want to see me and another companion together, please don't be stranger and reach out to both of us. Of course, I would like to briefly meet them before seeing you (not same day, though, unless it's someone I've done a duo with before) to get a vibe check. If it's all good and we feel comfortable with each other, then let the good times roll! By the way, I like being with ladies very much.

Also in 2023, I want to experience my first MFM or MMF. I often have fantasies of having a totally wild and euphoric experience with two or more guys. Of course, they are both pleasuring me or we all pleasuring each other. I would love to be the center of attention of a group of gentlemen! To go about doing this, both clients would need to be screened and each pay my rate. I'm not into the dom/sub experience, so please don't approach me with that expectation. I just want us to kick back and have a great time together.

I may give touring a try again, but that's still very much questionable. There are a few cities I am intrigued to visit. When I tried touring earlier this year, a couple of cities have given me a very bad first impression. They are on my shit list (I'm talking to you, NYC & Philly). To be honest, with the costs of travel rising, it may be best for you if you want to see me in your city is to sponsor a tour or initially do a FMTY with me, for me to get feel for the area. If I'm feeling your area, I may be inclined to visit more. By the way, my NYC and Philly peeps, you're going to have to give me an offer that I absolutely cannot refuse to redeem yourselves and make me want to visit your city again.

A few housekeeping things... In 2023, I will no longer offer a 90 minute option to new friends (people that I haven't seen before). In the last two years, I can count on one hand how many times that I have done a 90 minute booking. Often, it feels rushed. I really pride myself on creating intimate connections and often 90 minutes is not enough time to allow myself to fully do that. If you have a time constraint, you may leave before the end of 2 hours, but you will compensate me for 2 hours. Also, for same day appointments, new suitors will have to pay a $100 same day convenience fee in addition to my rate. So I guess the name of the game from 2023 on is for new friends is plan, plan ahead. If you don't already know, I'm a planner and I appreciate those do so, too.

In case you missed it, I added a new musing and revised others, if you're up fo the challenge.

2023 is going the be the best ever, I can feel it! Hope yours is, too, as well.

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