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Got a Question? I Got an Answer!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

As we near the end of the first month of 2022, I've had a flood a new people wanting to know more about Caris thanks to Twitter, my newsletter, and advertising sites. First, welcome! Second, thank you for finding interest in me. Third, let's get into some frequently asked questions.

Q: Caris, what is your review policy?

A: I prefer reviews about me that are posted on Private Delights. On that site, the reviews are tasteful and give a basic overview of that client's experience with me. Private Delights (PD) also allows me to respond and flag reviews that are false, which is a big plus in my book. I also have reviews on The Erotic Review (TER), too. If you have seen me for a date, I prefer a review on Private Delight versus TER. If you're already a TER member and not a PD member, I get it, but keep it as tasteful as you can.

I know I have reviews on Erotic Monkey, but those are purely false. They read like poorly written erotic fan fiction. I just laugh, because the continuity of the reviews don't make sense or the reviews are not even close to what an experience with me is like.

In regards to my reviews on Private Delights and TER, they describe that particular experience with me on that day. Be noted, no two experiences, even with the same client, are exactly the same. I pride myself on creating unique experiences with my clients.

Q: Why you don't take references, but give them?

A: I find that references are not useful for me in the screening of a new client. Often, other providers are busy and don't have time to get back to me in time to set up the logistics of a date. In the past when I briefly took references, I find that clients often send me false references or used an inquiry conversation with another provider as a reference. I have had guys send me text and email conversations that had with another provider (which is a huge error in discretion). That is not what a reference makes. You have to actually have seen a provider in person to use them as reference.

As for giving them, I never want to stand in a way of provider being safe at doing their job. If the provider accepts references as a way to keep themselves safe, I will give them. With that said, if you have seen me within the last 6 months and you want to see a provider that accepts references, please have the provider email me directly.

Q: I see that you have booking bundles, how does those work?

A: I like to reward loyalty. It's a way to have time with me already set up in the future. I have it available for bookings 3 hours or more. It's $2000 for three 3 hour bookings, $2400 for three 4 hour bookings, and any booking bundle 5 hours or more please kindly inquire. To secure those bookings, a 50% deposit is required for the total amount. Each time we meet, a third of the remaining balance is to be given. All of the bookings must be done by December 19, 2022.

I already have a few clients enjoying my booking bundles! They say it takes the stress out of scheduling time in the future with me. By the way, the dates may be used if I'm tour in your city.

Q: So you reward loyalty? What does that mean?

A: Yes, I do very much reward loyalty. It means exactly what it says. However, I'll be more specific. When clients have seen me before, especially multiple times, you get perks that someone who has never seen me is not privileged to.

Here are a few examples:

-When you want to see me again, you simply just have to email me instead of filling out my booking form each time.

-If you want to see me outside of my daily availability (before 10am or after 8pm), I will be more likely to see you, pending my personal schedule.

-If you just want to book me same day (with less than my required 6 hours heads up) or a booking for less than my minimum booking, you may, pending my personal schedule.

-You may schedule an incall under my two day requirement.

-You may casually contact me (nothing lewd) through my Twitter DMs, email, or text.

-Possible overnight bookings.

Of course, if you abuse these privileges, you will be cut off from communicating with or even seeing me. You don't want to wear out your welcome, don't you?

Hopefully, that gives you some more insight on me and clear up any ambiguity. If you have any questions, respectfully contact me via email (

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