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How You Can Help!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

With the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, it has been a challenge for me financially. My current part time civvie job, has stopped operations for the time being. I am getting paid for the remainder of my shifts through the end of March, however, April is not definite. I have been in the process of searching for a full time job, but many companies in my job field are on hiring freeze or have filled their positions while I was waiting to do formal interviews, which were postponed due to COVID-19.

As for sex work, in person dates are doable, but the inquiries are not coming in. I assume everyone is being cautious and heeding the warnings by practicing social distancing and not doing any non-essential travel or activities. I get it, but a girl needs to eat and provide for her family.

This how you can help me and get something special in return just for you!

Cash Gifts and Gift Cards

You may gift me via Cash App ($CarisT). Any little bit helps. All I ask is that you please keep the subject blank. Cash App and other online payment venues are very anti-sex work. They will shut down any account, including yours, they may think is associated with sex work.

Gift cards that are really helpful to me now are to Walmart, Target, Costco, and Aldi. Again, any little bit helps! Gift cards can be sent to my email: or

What you get in return is a sexy, uncensored picture, text, video, or email (more depending on gift) sent to your inbox. What a lovely way to be thanked for your gift!

Virtual Companionship

Virtual companionship is a great to connect with me while practicing social distancing. We can correspond through daily texts and email. I will send videos and pictures, too! If you want to see my face, you will have to fully screened as if you were seeing me in person for a date. Only $100 weekly! If I'm your virtual companion for four consecutive weeks, you will get $200 off any future three hour or more date taken within three months after last day of companionship! Please email me to inquire.

Pre-book and Secured with a Slightly Higher Deposit

Of course, if you want to see me in the flesh, you can always book a date! Right now, if you pre-book and secure with a 75% deposit for any future date 3 hours or more, you will get an additional 30 minutes added on to our date! Luckily, I have made my rates a bit more competitive. Unless, there are more restrictions that are implemented by the government, I will be available for outcall only dates starting March 25th. To take advantage of this, you must book by April 13th.

Gentlemen, any gift given, no matter the size, will be greatly appreciated during these challenging times! I am grateful for bookings and virtual companionships, too! I love giving back to those who have helped me and bringing some joy into their lives!

Take care and be well!

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