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The Travel Bug

I've been bitten by the travel bug. One of things on my bucket list for 2019 is to travel more as a companion. I'm pretty much open to travel just about anywhere nationwide, except for one state, but I'll get to that later.

I'm passionate about exploring new places, cultures, and people. I've been pretty sheltered in my adult life, having traveled to only a few places mainly on the east coast. I like a variety of places, from small cozy towns to bustling cities. Here are few places that I would love to visit this year:

New York City

The city that never sleeps has always intrigued me since I was kid living a very small, rural town in the south. As kid, I loved the few times a year, my family and I would get on the bus in Chinatown in DC the wee hours of the morning on a Saturday and head to NYC for a day of shopping in Manhattan or visiting relatives in Harlem. Granted I grew up within an hour's drive from Washington, DC, but DC was small potatoes compared to the Big Apple. There is so much to do there, so many people, different people from every type of background, identity, and ethnicity. Very unique attitude and atmosphere there. Very inspirational. I felt I could make any of my dreams come true there. I love the vibe, now especially in the outer boroughs. Even though there has been major regentrification in the outer boroughs, there is still some soul and charm there.

The last time I was in NYC was for a civvie business trip over 2 years ago. I mainly stayed in midtown with meetings in the lower east side. I didn't have that much time to explore and shop. But I would love to get back there. Maybe see a show, we could go for The Lion King or a classic such as Phantom of the Opera. We could visit museums, since I am a huge museum nerd. Maybe the Met or the Guggenheim, or both? Enjoy fine dining at the many eclectic or more traditional spots. And of course, go to Central Park! It's only a few hours on the train to Penn Station for me to get to you, my NYC gentlemen! Let's make a date, better yet make it a weekend!

Miami/Palm Beach/Florida Keys

There was time, a long, long ago, a bright eyed college gal and her friends headed on to what to known as the Spring Break trip for the ages in Miami, Florida. There is a certain type of liveliness only unique to Miami. It's so colorful, not only in its architecture, but in its vibe. This is one city that you do not want to stay in, even if it's raining. The vibe makes you want to get up and move and be free. A lot happened that Spring Break. Many things I will not go into, as it may incriminate myself. I enjoyed myself and met wonderful people there from all over the world, including a few famous folks.

Me and Allen Payne. At that time, he was a popular actor and I had a crush on him. Jason's Lyric and New Jack City have a special place in my heart. Nothing wild happened that night, but I did grab his butt in this picture.

I want to get back to Miami, preferably in the colder months here in DC. I really want to attend Art Basel. I also want to escape to Palm Beach and the Florida Keys, too. I hear it can be pretty wild in the Keys, especially during Fantasy Fest and New Year's Eve, which, of course, I would love to attend. Gentlemen, I'm just a short plane ride away, I'll bring my swimsuit and sunglasses!

Austin, Texas

Now I've never been to Texas a day in my life, but I feel drawn to it, maybe because I'm a true southern girl, but a bit hip, too. Austin, Texas, is one place I would love to visit. It's not the quite sleepy city, that it once was. It's has a artsy vibe and a huge music scene, not just country music. I would to attend the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW). I not only love art, but I love live music from varied genres and SXSW has it. Plus Austin, is known for its barbeque and food scene. I think they did a season of Top Chef (one of my favorite shows) there. By the way, if you haven't already noticed through my past blogs, I'm a huge foodie. Again, I'm just a plane ride away. So where are my Texas gentlemen at? I would love to be swept off my feet by one.

New Orleans, Louisiana

"Laissez les bon temps rouler!"

Something that is often associated with this great, charming city. This is one city that I have always dreamt of visiting. Not just because of Mardi Gras, but that an awesome reason to visit. However, this city is rich of history, culture, delicious food, and great music, plus it looks like a great party every night!

These are a few cities that I would love to travel to. These cities are perfect for a Fly/Travel to You date! By the way, I don't tour.

Of course, I'm open to traveling anywhere within the United States. However, I would love to travel internationally, but I would need to get my passport, first.

However there is one place I would never travel to, unless my life depended on it, is the state of North Carolina. It's personal and I'm not to get into it here. Before you go thinking, I do not have any warrants or any legal issues there. One day, when I write my fabulous memoir, you will find out why. For now, that state is hard pass for me. But gents from NC, don't fret, you can always travel to me here in the DC Metro area!

Again, I am available to travel to you or with you, within reasonable notice. There are a few stipulations, which can be found on my other musings page on my website.

Hopefully, I can meet more friends and reconnect with old friends this year!

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