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Wanna Know More??

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

This will be fun, light-hearted post! I'm excited to share some more about me, so here a few fun facts about me!

I dressed as the Easter Bunny for a charity event.

Well, when I was in college, I interned at a radio station in the promotions department. I had to help coordinate events that the station did. One of those events was for a charity kick-off event for a local golf tournament. Since it was a few weeks before Easter, they wanted an Easter Bunny there to pass out eggs and hang with the kids. The station could not find anyone else to do it, so I had to. My boss told me to bring a friend or few to help me keep walk around and keep kids off of me. Well, I couldn't find any friends to help me on that day. I was like "the kids can't be that bad, I'll be fine." I was NOT! Those kids are so friggin' ruthless and rude. So many wanted to jump up and hit me in the face or kick me. Many stole the eggs out my basket, but I couldn't run after them, since my suit was heavy. The worst thing about it, the parents would encourage the kids to act that way. Thankfully, a radio station employee stepped in to get the kids off of me. After she did, I ran into the promo van and stripped off that damn costume. Now I feel what those mascots and Disney people have to deal with.

Antiques Roadshow and other PBS shows are my jam! NPR, too!

I live for an episode of Antiques Roadshow. Give me a marathon, I'm in heaven. It's very intriguing that people can bring junk or cheap crap they got from a yard sale and have it be worth a lot of money! The appraisers give great insight and can tell the history of the items. I have learned so much about history, art, and pop culture through this show. Plus watching the people's reactions to how much it is worth, is priceless. I'm surprised no one has had a heart attack, yet!

Other PBS shows I love are American Masters, NOVA, POV, and local programming. I get my news from the PBS Newshour versus other stations, too.

On NPR, I listen to 1A with Joshua Johnson every morning to keep me up to date with political and social issues. I love Fresh Air and Forum in the afternoon. I fave weekend shows are The TED Radio Hour and Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!

I'm a self-proclaimed nerd! But, I'm still sexy, though!

Well, I've always been a nerd since I was child. I wore big glasses and had braces. Nope, I'm not going to post a picture from those days.

I rather stay inside and read than play, much to my mom's dismay. I was knowledgeable about a lot of things, especially history. History really fueled my passion for learning. Luckily, I grew up in a history rich area. Just about every major event in early US history happened in my backyard.

Today, I still love going to museums and historical places, even though I have visited them many times over. I feel like I learn something new everyday! A perfect date can be to a museum or a visit to a historical monument. Maybe I can be your local tour guide!

Me at Harper's Ferry National Historical Park last fall.

I still love to read, I prefer non-fiction historical titles. My current read is Lawrence O'Donnell's Playing with Fire. It's about the 1968 election and how it transformed current American politics.

Since I always have my nose in a book or watching PBS, I know so many interesting, sometimes weird facts that I should be on Jeopardy, lol.

I'm a HUGE sports fans!

Well, you say "that's no surprise. It's always on your timeline." Yes it is on my timeline, but I don't do it to be cutesy or cool for men. I truly have an interest in sports, I've always have. I grew up playing them and watching them with my older brothers and kids on my block. I was basically the only girl, my age, on my street, so I had no choice.

I will watch just about any sport, even golf. Love the thrill, anticipation, and emotion of it all, much like sex. My favorites are baseball and college basketball. Of course, I cheer for my home teams in the DC area and my college alma mater. Since I'm a huge fan of sports, I would make the perfect plus one to join you to cheer on your favorite team!

There you have it, just a few fun things about me. If you want to know more, I am on Curious Cat. You may ask me anything anonymously, just keep it tame.

Until next time...

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