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What Ado About Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has been dominating the news for past two months. Even more since it has been officially been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic. Of course, most people are in a panic-induced frenzy. Every type of disinfecting product and, some reason, toilet paper has been flying off the shelves. Big events such as the Houston Rodeo and the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival, the NBA season, on campus college classes, and even travel to Europe from the United States, have been canceled or paused for the time being. Restaurants are closing down for the moment and local government officials are advising people to avoid gathering in large crowds.

So what are clients supposed to do? Well, my loves, there are plenty of ways to get your fix!

*Disclaimer: of course, it is ultimately up to what you and the provider decides to do to make both parties feel safe and comfortable. I'm just writing about ways that we can connect that that is safe and comfortable for me during these times.

Dates (in person meetings)

It is business as usual for me. I still have the same screening, booking, and cancellation protocol. I want to be available to those who desire to see me in the flesh. I have no problem with meeting clients.

Just a few things: if you are sick, have symptoms, or may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please give kindly me a heads up. Rescheduling may be possible. If a cancellation does occurs, although it's not required, compensating me the full amount of the date is extremely helpful, generous, and earns major brownie points with me!

Hygiene is very important to me. You know what you are supposed to do before the magic begins. Make sure you do it thoroughly, including your kisser.

With the specifics aside, let's explore some date ideas. I love a great concert, game, or live event. Since there are so many restrictions to said events, we can always do a cozy night in! You order or even cook some great food (not talking about McDonald's, WingStop, or Hamburger Helper), have great drinks on tap, and, of course, I bring the dessert! On TV, we have a game, intriguing movie or documentary queued up. Plus, Netflix have wonderful comedy specials and musical performances, too. We can get enjoy great entertainment on the screen, and enjoy each other off screen!

Spring is in the air in the DC Metro area. Which means cherry blossoms! As of now, the some the cherry blossom festival events have been cancelled or restricted. However, the beautiful trees are not. They will still bloom and be majestic as always. We can enjoy a beautiful day out, spending time walking along the cherry trees and admiring the blossoms. If you have never had a chance to enjoy them in their full glory, it is absolutely a beautiful delight to experience! We can also bring a picnic (if fine restaurants options are closed/limited), too. We can make a day of it and end it with a spectacular and blissful ending!

Virtual Companionship

Now, if you are feeling ill or just cautious about meeting me in person, I get it. However, if you desire a connection with me, thank the universe for technology! Here's how virtual companionship works: for a weekly rate, we can correspond via text, email, and even a couple of calls or video messages. Think of me as your sultry and divinely sexy pen pal! Plus, if you do four consecutive weeks of virtual companionship, you will receive $200 off a future date with me! Date must be a minimum of 3 hours and booked within 3 months of last day of virtual companionship. For more information, please check out my Other Musings section of my website.

Content and Personal Clothing for Purchase

If you are too shy, too cautious, or don't have the time for a date with me or virtual companionship, there are options. I do have content and personal items available for purchase. I offer pictures and short video clips. And no, you will not see my face! That is only reserved for in person meetings. I can do custom content only if I'm comfortable in doing said requested content. I ask that you respect my brand and do not share or post it to scraper porn sites. By the way, I do ask for some screening information.

As for personal clothing items, you can receive items that have personally blessed and even with extra blessings. Items include bras, lingerie, panties, socks, and hosiery. If you would like a bra, lingerie, or specific panties, socks, or hosiery, you are welcome to send me a gift card to Kix'ies, Bare Necessities or Love Vera to cover the cost of the item. The initial cost is separate from the giftcard, though.

Please kindly inquire via my email,

As you see, there are many ways we can connect during these trying times. Please don't let fear keep you from fulfilling your desires. If there is a will, there is a way! Be safe, take care, and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Don't forget to book ASAP, as my schedule is filling up!

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